1. The employment of a candidate introduced or referred by C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT will constitute the Employer’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein contained.
  2. Should any candidate introduced by C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT directly or indirectly, be taken into service in any capacity, be it permanent, temporary or contractual, within one (1) year of such introduction, the applicable fee will become payable. The employer agrees to notify C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT immediately of the candidate's engagement and the total annual gross remuneration of the candidate.
  3. Fees become due upon commencement of service of the candidate and are payable within 14 (Fourteen) days after such date by the Employer. Failure to pay on time will render the guarantee invalid for that placement.
  4. The definition of Employer shall include any branches, subsidiaries, holding companies or associate companies of the addressee, to whom the candidate was introduced or referred as a direct or indirect result of any initial introduction by C & G HOSPITALITY  RECRUITMENT.
  5. The addressee accepts that the information on candidates is confidential and that written permission from C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT is required to:
    (a) Divulge it to anyone else,
    (b) Contact the candidate’s present Employer,
    (c) Ensure that confidential references are not communicated to the candidate.
    Should the addressee however divulge this information contrary to (a) above, the addressee will be held liable for any consequent placement fee.
  6. The responsibility for final selection and appointment of a candidate rests with the Employer. C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT gives no warranty to the skills or ability of the candidate to perform any specific duties.
  7. While every effort has been made to carefully select candidates, C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT or its staff shall not be liable for any consequential loss, damage or injuries to persons or companies resulting from the introduction or employment of a candidate referred by C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT.
  8. If employment of a candidate referred by C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT is terminated through an act over which the candidate has no control, such as;  (a) Retrenchment (b) Redundancy (c) Sale of the business, the fee will be payable by the contracted client with no guarantee.
  9. Timeous payment of fees within 14 (Fourteen) days of starting date) will entitle the Employer to a credit should the candidate leave the service of the Employer within three (3) months – See Fee Schedule. The period will be calculated from the 1st day of work to last day for which the candidate receives payment. Such termination and request for a credit must be in writing to C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT within 48 hours of the employees last working day.
  10. The Terms and Conditions contained herein constitute the contract between C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT and the Employer and no concession, indulgence or extension of time shall be deemed to be a waiver of C & G HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT’S rights in terms of this contract.
  11. The Employer;   
    (a) Shall be liable for all legal charges as between attorney and our client including collection charges in the recovery of any fees due in terms hereof and any other amount owing by the Employer,
    (b) Hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court of South Africa notwithstanding that the amount claimed exceeds such jurisdiction.



Recruitment Fee % on Annual Cost To Company salary*

Guarantee as validated by prompt payment
Within 14 (Fourteen) Days

Southern Africa


1- 15 days – 100%
15- 30 days – 60%
30 - 60 days – 40%
60 -90 days - 20%


Africa / International


Hospitality Recruitment